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Maynila, Setyembre (a very tattered postcard from the other side of the ball)

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by Khavn de la Cruz

what’s happening here in the philippines?

there’s jeffrey jeturian’s »kubrador«, aka »the bet collector«, doing the festival rounds. jeffrey is a batchmate of lav diaz in regal films’ low-budget film spree. (helmed by mother lily, regal films is an entertainment dinosaur that makes movies that appeal to a broad range of Filipinos.) ka elmo, who will die in the end of this postcard, also acted in »kubrador«.

the deadline for next year’s »cinemalaya«, the third edition, is this september. (cinemalaya is a project of channel 5, in partnership with the cultural center of the philippines and the university of the philippines film institute. cinemalaya has a film competition, exhibitions, expo, market, seminars, and conferences.) two of this year’s winners are begininning to tour the festival circuit. adolf alix’s »donsol«, a love story with whale sharks, just won in a marine festival in japan. mike sandejas’ »just like before«, a fictional rockumentary about the dawn, a pinoy band from the 80s, is competing in pusan, along with paulo villaluna & ellen ramos’ »ilusyon« and jeturian’s »kubrador«, both in exhibition.
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Written by Nika Bohinc

September 13, 2006 at 8:38 pm